Will Brink has been a writer for over almost two decades and have been published in a wide variety of publications, including: Muscle Media, MuscleMag International, Lets Live, Muscle n Fitness, Life Extension magazine, Muscular Development, Townsend Letter for Doctors, IronMan, Inside Karate, Tactical Response, Exercise for Men Only, Physical, Power, Body International, Oxygen, Penthouse, Fitness RX, Big, as well as others over the years and in many different languages.

Many articles can be found on the major fitness/health/bodybuilding web sites, in a variety of topics including weight training, weight loss, HIV, cancer, heart disease, anabolics and other drugs, pre contest diets, supplements of all kinds, hair loss, and many other topics relating to health, fitness, longevity, and bodybuilding, as well as law enforcement/military related topics.

Trainer of high levels athletes, police, and military personnel.

Will has  run fitness/exercise specific training camps for Tactical Law Enforcement as well as  give seminars, workshops, and classes for  He was a adjunct trainer for Smith & Wesson, and wrote  the book  Practical Applied Stress Training (P.A.S.T.) for Law Enforcement and Developed  a class by the same name at Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, MA.


Guest on various syndicated radio programs/ guest speaker.

Has done  radio shows such as the Atkins show, which was hosted by the famous inventor of the Atkins Diet, the late Dr. Robert Atkins himself.  Has also done  such shows as the Carrie Nossler show as well as others. On the bodybuilding front,  as been a guest on Muscular Development’s “No Bull” radio. Some recent appearance can be heard here:

Will Brink on No Bull Radio Part 1

Will Brink on No Bull Radio Part 2

Will Brink on No Bull Radio Part 3

Published Research:

Will has been involved in published research including:

Brink W. Task specific supplements for Special Operations Forces and law enforcement tactical teams. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 3 (1)S1-S29, 2006. (www.theissn.org))

J.Antonio, C.M. Colker, G.C. Torina, Q. Shi, W. Brink, and D. Kalman.  “Effects Of A  Standardized Guggulsterone Phosphate Supplement on the Body Composition in Overweight Adults: A pilot study.” J. of Current Therapeutic Research. Vol. 60, Number 4, p220-227, 1999.

D.Kalman, C.M. Colker, J. Antonio, G.C. Torina, W.D. Brink, Q., Shi. “Effects Of A Guggulsterones Extract-Phosphate Salt Based Product on Body Composition And Energy Levels In Overweight Adults.”  Medicine n Science In Sports n Exercise.  Vol.31, Number 5 (S), 1999.

Antonio J, Kalman D, Colker C, garza T, Brink W, Swain M. “Effects of Creatine-Pyruvate vs. creatine monohydrate on exercise performance.”  J.Strength Cond Res . 1999;13(4):a422.

C.M. Colker, D. Kalman, W.D. Brink, L.G. Maharam. “Immune Status Of Elite Athletes: Role Of Whey Protein Concentrate.” Medicine n Science In Sports n Exercise.  Vol. 30, Number 5 (S), 1998.

Along with Karils Ullis MD, Tim Ziegenfuss PhD, Rick Cohen MD, Bill Roberts, and yours truly, we had a Letter to the Editor published in JAMA regarding our criticism of a  study done on the controversial supplement androstenedione. See:

K. Ullis, T. Ziegenfuss, B.Roberts, WD.Brink,  R. Cohen, “Letter to the Editor: Androstenedione.” JAMA.  February 9th, p 742. 2000


Fat Loss Revealed. A comprehensive internet based eProduct examining the latest nutrients marketed for weight loss, as well as nutrition and exercise for optimizing fat loss. Published by Internet Publications.

Bodybuilding Revealed.  A comprehensive  internet  based eProduct examining  the latest  supplements, diet  strategies, and exercise regimens for increasing strength and lean bodymass. See products section for more info HERE

Priming The Anabolic Environment. A book  geared mostly toward bodybuilders but if one reads between the lines it’s easy to see that anyone can get something from this book, bodybuilder and non-bodybuilder alike.

Practical Applied Stress Training (P.A.S.T) for tactical law enforcement. Info on this book for tactical LE/SOF and like groups can be found at the OptimalSWAT site linked above, or book stores like Barns And Nobel Amazon or your favorite book reseller, etc.

The Sports Supplement Bible.

The Skinny on Diet Supplements.

Chapters Written:

“Diet” ( Chapter 5 ) of Sports Supplement Encyclopedia (Edition One) edited by Jose Antonio PhD and Jeff Stout Ph.D. Published by Nutricia Institute of Sports Science 2001. Data based chapter on how athletes can structure their diet to gain lean body mass.

“The Supplement Pyramid” (Chapter 11) of the Sports Supplement Review 3rd Edition by Bill Phillips. An up to date chapter on  various supplements for sports and bodybuilding  nutrition used by athletes and how to prioritize them in order of importance. Published by Mile High publishing. 1997

R&D / Product Design / Science & Marketing Consultant to the health, weight loss, anti-aging and bodybuilding industry.

Consulting Services:

Has worked with many supplement, pharmaceutical, and dairy companies helping them design nutritional supplement/products, improve existing products, assist with marketing products in fitness, bodybuilding, longevity, or other markets, as well as web based consulting work.

Some of the services have included:

  • Product R&D.
  • Connecting manufacturers with retailers and vise versa.
  • Assisting with raw material acquisition to keep costs down and quality up.
  • Working on label and product literature to match the product lingo with the buyer.
  • Working with the advertising staff, as well as various departments within a company to coordinate product R&D, and  development.
  • Assisting in setting up locations and protocols for research and validation of formulas or compounds.
  • Finding markets for raw material manufacturers through my network and relationships with retail companies.
  • Marketing assistance.

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